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Established in 1959, Kings is committed to providing you with the most sophisticated Custom & Bespoke tailoring retail experience, offering the most opulent collection of suiting and shirting fabrics. For generations, our tailoring bloodline through to our current bespoke process enables us to create a range of custom clothing garments that epitomise the glory behind the tradition of pure bespoke and made to measure tailoring.
Our garments are the perfect combination of opulent fabrics and workmanship which merge into a single item. It is the result of that passion for beauty that Kings has always sought. Our creations are an expression of the tradition and teachings of the prestigious Saville Row Academy, London. Passionate and experienced artisans of cutting and stitching, individually cut and tailor each garment meticulously hand stitching the pattern lines of the design creating flexible seams, enabling the wearer to experience the garments ease and comfort in every movement.