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A Kings Bespoke suit is the perfect combination of opulent fabrics and workmanship which merge into a single item. It is the result of that passion for beauty that Kings has always sought. The Kings creations are an expression of the tradition and teachings of the prestigious Saville Row Academy, London.

There are two kinds of suit jackets and blazers we construct at Kings. There are canvas jackets which come in a full or half canvas, and then there are fused jackets.

Canvas Jackets

Since our jacket is made from wool or another natural or blended material, when you lay the fabric out on a table, it’s completely flat. It doesn’t take the proportions and angles of a person’s body into account. It lays there like a piece of paper. The canvas interlining is what’s put in the jacket to make it three-dimensional, so it drapes well on your body and doesn’t just hang flat.

The Canvas Interlining is typically made from horsehair (often blended with cotton) or synthetic material and a layer of this material is sandwiched between the cloth you see on the outside, and the lining you see on the inside. The purpose of the Canvas Interlining is to help give the suit jacket support for its shape and helps the jacket sit, hang and fit better on your body - what’s known as the “drape” - and allows the suit to ultimately achieve what it’s designed for: to accentuate the shape of the masculine physique Our full canvas jackets have a hand padded chest and lapel, handmade collar, sleeves sewn in by hand plus exquisitely hand finished lapels and front button holes.

Fused Jackets

A fused jacket has a fusible interlining that’s glued to the wool shell of the suit – both in the front panels and in the lapels. The fusing process has been refined with modern technology and materials that makes it a good Inexpensive option.


The Full Canvas option extends further down the jacket’s front, adding additional structure and weight, allowing the jacket to mould more accurately and drape to your shape.